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Steam Wallet Code For Free, Simple !

Steam Wallet Code For Free, Simple !
free steam wallet indomaret

What is Steam ?

Do you know about steam ? 

If you are a gamers, steam no stranger to you. But if you are not a gamers, you don't know about steam.

What is Steam ? Steam is platfrom for game player in the world. Steam is digital market same with playstore and app store but this is for games. Steam was founded in 2002 which is an artificial valve corporation. And Gabe Newell is the name of founder this steam.

In it there are various kinds of games, for example : GTA5, Dota2,CS-GO, and etc. But not free. Games in steam is paid games, so you have to buy it and you can download the games. To buy or shop games in steam, use the balance that must to be topped up to the steam wallet.

How To Use Steam Wallet ?

Okey, the question will be answererd in the next chapter. 

Let's see broo...

What is Steam Wallet ?

Steam wallet is means of payment in the form of  virtual money. This steam wallet is useful as a means of payment for all transaction in shop at the steam store. And currently the steam wallet also supports Rupiah.

How to get the steam wallet balance ?

You can buy steam wallet balances via pulse, gopay, kredivo, alfamart, and ATM Transfer by registering on the following websites : Codashop, MolPoint, Unipin, and etc. Here you have to spend money, according to the voucher for the steam wallet balance that you bought. After you buy a voucher steam wallet, you will get codes steam wallet via email. and you can use it.

But I don't have money ?  Can I get free steam wallet codes ?

Calm down, you can get it .

How to get it ? The next chapter will answer that.

How to Get Free Steam Wallet Codes ?

What is free steam wallet codes ?

Free steam wallet codes is a free voucher to increase your steam wallet balance. There are several free vouchers for you, for example : 1$, 5$, 10$ until 50$.

To get a free steam wallet code you must try to collect a lot of points.

How Are the Steps ?

1. You must visit the site :

Register Yourself at that address to get an account. And then click button login for log in the site.

free steam wallet indomaret

2. After Login, click button EARN POINTS to get points.

3. Fill out the survey provided by the website so you will get points.

steam wallet

4. After you have more points, you can reedem gift card.

reedem steam

5. You can choose between $ 0.45 for 45 Points, $ 4.30 for 450 point, until $ 21.30 for 2200 point.

6. Click the reedem button to exchange point with free steam wallet codes.

7. After you reedem, you will be get confirm your order by email from admin.

How To Use the code ?

First, you must log in steam with your account, if you don't have steam account, please create an account first. and then click menu gift cards.


After that, choose Reedem a physical gift card and click continue. The steam wallet code page will appear.

steam wallet codes

Then enter the steam wallet code in the steam wallet code column and click continue.

steam wallet

If your code is correct, a successful notification will appear for you.


All right. that's the trick from me to get a free steam wallet codes. good luck toget it.

See you again.
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